About Roy

I’m an IT person by day and engage in other projects by night. I started this website with the interest of creating media powerhouses, not just with HTPCs, but also other media and home network infrastructure.

Before I get into the fun stuff, I wanted to cover a lot of the basics in each major home theater category:

  1. TVs
  2. Speakers
  3. Receivers


I am an IT professional that has been a home theater enthusiast since the mid-90s, messing with my Dad’s custom Bose Lifestyle setup. Here’s probably the most relevant info my IT knowledge can help you with:

IT Expertise

  • Knowledge on home and mid-enterprise networks.
  • Knowledge on computer and server hardware.
  • Knowledge on media file types and streaming.
  • Knowledge on files and storage.
  • Knowledge on technical specifications, cable management, and more.
  • Knowledge on operating systems.
  • Knowledge on platforms.
  • Knowledge on integration and automation.

I have had a pretty extensive IT career but this is probably the most relevant IT information to home theater, home network, and home automation. What this essentially means is that I am tech savvy, with over 16 years of professional experience in IT, not including thousands of recreational hours. Not only can I grasp technical concepts quickly, but I can also recommend hardware and speak to IT with authority that few home theater enthusiasts can.

Stick Around For More

Stick around to see what I’m covering and learning with home theater setups, and of course, get some tech nuggets of wisdom. To read more about what this site is about, head over to the About Home Theater Heroes Page. If you want to reach out, head over to the Contact Page.

All the best,