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This Is Why You Need to Turn Up Your Receiver So High

This Is Why You Need to Turn Up Your Receiver So High

You thought you could hook everything together, and your home theater system would just work. Instead, you have to turn up your receiver volume. Your audio leaves your speakers very quiet, like they are barely there. The instructions with your receiver recommend...

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How To Fix Voices Being Too Quiet On Your TV

How To Fix Voices Being Too Quiet On Your TV

You are watching your movie and realize the voices being too quiet makes it hard to understand what they are saying. You tried turning it up, but that just makes things so much worse! So how can you fix this issue? There are many ways you can fix this. You can try...

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Why Don’t More TVs Have DisplayPort?

Why Don’t More TVs Have DisplayPort?

You may have noticed that the back of your TV set doesn’t have a DisplayPort. You will typically have multiple HDMI ports and a USB port but no DisplayPort. Why don't more TVs have DisplayPort? HDMI was made for the TV industry by the TV industry. This technology...

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