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Learn about TVs, HDTVs, UHDTVs, Smart TVs, their different panels, and more with this primer.

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Learn about speakers, floor standing speakers, bookshelf speakers, tower speakers, and more with this primer.

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Learn about home theater receivers, their audio channels, their other input options, and more with this primer.

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Are HTPCs Still Worth Building?

It's no secret that streaming devices and Smart TVs have taken over the market in recent years. You may wonder, are HTPCs still worth building? HTPCs are great for media enthusiasts and for those with the time or money to put into their entertainment project. For...

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Are HTPCs Still Worth Building?

Can You Use an AV Receiver as a Power Amp?

An AV (audio-video) receiver, as the name suggests, receives video and audio signals from multiple sources and routes them to the right output devices. Since AV receivers come with an integrated amplifier, they don’t “need” a separate amplifier to process and...

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Can You Use an AV-Receiver as a Power Amp

What Causes AV Receivers To Click?

An AV receiver serves as the hub of a home theater system, connecting all the components together. You may hear an annoying clicking sound, perhaps on specific occasions or randomly, but what is causing it to click? And is the clicking in AVRs really a problem?...

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What Causes AV Receivers To Click

Do You Need a DAC for Your AV Receiver?

An AV (audio-video) receiver is designed to deliver power to your home theater system, and a DAC (digital-to-analog converter) takes digital content as input and converts it into analog for your system to play it. But how are these two connected? Is DAC a...

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Do You Need a DAC for Your AV Receiver

Can You Carry a Home Theater in Flight?

Home theater systems can be quite cumbersome since they include an AV receiver, speaker system, and any playback devices you plan to use with them. Considering how fragile and numerous the pieces of a home theater are, are they travel-friendly? You can carry a home...

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Can You Carry a Home Theater in Flight

Do AV Receivers Have TV Tuners?

AV receivers are excellent devices for managing all of the components of your home theater system. These systems are advantageous for configuring a robust surround sound speaker system as well. But did you know that some AV receivers can also receive television...

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Do AV Receivers Have TV Tuners


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