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From media to tech, we talk about all things relating to home theaters at Home Theater Heroes. If you’re not into home theater systems, you’ll be amazed at how media can come alive with the simplest upgrades. 🔊

What to Expect on Home Theater Heroes

On Home Theater Heroes, you can expect the following:

  • Hundreds of hours of home theater research on the most common questions condensed into some killer articles.
  • Tips from pros who do this work for a living.
  • The best resources on how to get your setup interconnected and optimized.

Stick around to see what we’re covering with home theater setups and get some tech nuggets of wisdom. Check out our Blog for a selection of great content. If you want to reach out, head over to the Contact Page.

About Home Theater Heroes Contributors

Home Theater Heroes was started in 2017 as Feel The Sounds, a tower speaker information site. We grew to include other home theater devices and projects as well. One of our main content creators is Roy, who you can read about below.

Contributor – Roy

Hi, I’m Roy. I’m an IT person by day and engage in other projects by night. I love entertainment like movies and video games and enjoy how different technologies can really bring media alive. I’m interested in creating media powerhouses, not just with HTPCs, but also with other media and home network infrastructure.

Before I get into the fun stuff, I wanted to cover a lot of the basics in each major home theater category:

  1. TVs
  2. Speakers
  3. Receivers

Home Theater Background

I am an IT professional that has been a home theater enthusiast since the mid-90s, messing with home theater packages like my Dad’s old, expensive custom Bose Lifestyle setup. Stick around to see fun technical projects and new stuff I’m learning about home theaters.

Here’s probably the most relevant info my IT knowledge can help you with:

Experience and IT Expertise

  • Knowledge of home and mid-enterprise networks.
  • Knowledge of computer and server hardware.
  • Knowledge of media file types and streaming.
  • Knowledge of files and storage.
  • Knowledge of technical specifications, cable management, and more.
  • Knowledge of operating systems.
  • Knowledge of platforms.
  • Knowledge of integration and automation.

I have had an extensive IT career, but this is probably the most relevant IT information to home theater, home network, and home automation. This means I am tech savvy, with over 20 years of professional experience in IT, not including thousands of recreational hours. Not only can I grasp technical concepts quickly, but I can also recommend hardware and speak to IT with the authority that few home theater enthusiasts can.

All the best,



Who exactly is this website for?

This website is for home theater enthusiasts at all levels who want questions answered, topics researched, and help with planning systems.

What happened to Feel The Sounds?

Feel The Sounds is now part of Home Theater Heroes.

What was Feel The Sounds all about?

For those who don’t know, Feel The Sounds was initially set up for budding audiophiles who want to upgrade their home theater with floor standing/tower speakers. Pretty specific!

What is the difference between a tower and a floor standing speaker?

They are referring to the same thing. It’s a large setup that stands on the floor. You’ll usually see them rocking a multi-driver design with a dedicated bass driver, midrange driver, and a tweeter. It’s worth mentioning that not all tower speakers are full-range speakers. You’ll see those 2 terms interchanged, especially on this page 🙂 . To read more on floor standing speakers, visit this excellent beginner’s guide.

Why tower speakers, though?

We started with floor standing speakers as this is the most straightforward category to grasp, and it’s the best bang for your buck (and we mean that almost literally) other than premium soundbars. And besides, they sound leagues better than all-in-one boxed home theater units. Check out this head to head best floor standing speaker comparison article to see the top contenders.

How can I trust your reviews? This isn’t a recycled review website, is it?

Home Theater Heroes is a website driven by home theater enthusiasts. We aren’t content farmers. We write about our passion and give the source of materials used as appropriate.

The reviews are written by doing extensive research and actually going to electronic stores to test products and ask further questions.