Home theater systems are often used not just for entertaining friends and family, but also for your recreation. At the heart of this home theater system lies the sound system and tower speakers help in pulling it all together in many ways.

Tower speakers are very good for surround sound systems. It is recommended to use tower speakers to create a more immersive experience. Tower speakers provide an unparalleled richness and depth of sound, whether you are a music lover, a gamer or just want to watch good cinema.

Tower speakers make the immersive experience of being in a cinema hall accessible from your home’s privacy. They can be aligned to your modern surround sound system, which will result in the ultimate surround sound. Keep reading to understand why tower speakers are essential for creating a good surround sound.

Tower Speakers Are Highly Specialized Speakers

Tower speakers can handle a frequency range up to 30Hz while the average frequency range captured by other speakers is only up to 20-200Hz. This means that the tower speakers can reproduce low bass frequencies while providing enough clarity on the other two, high and mid frequencies.

These speakers are tall. They can accommodate multiple drivers within each tower, allowing them to amplify and produce quality sound for a whole range of frequencies that other speakers may not be able to do so well.

How Do Tower Speakers Work?

The taller tower speakers allow for greater range and quality of sound. Speakers work through the medium of a driver that vibrates the speaker cone which creates sound waves. This produces the sounds and sound effects that we can then hear.

Smaller speakers have only one or two such cones, which limit the range and quality of the sound that the speakers can produce. Tower speakers can accommodate cones, which increases the spectrum and quality of sounds, making it feel more real to the audience.

They Add Depth of Sound

Tower speakers complement your home theater system by adding extra depth to the sounds emitted from it. For the best surround sound effect, choose tower speakers with one or more tower speakers built into each of them.

It consists of one main speaker and a few smaller speakers, also known as tweeters. The smaller ones are required to add more layers to the sounds emanating from the home theater system. Combined with the sounds of the front speaker, it will create an incredibly rich sound.

They Add Versatility to the Sound Effect

You can buy the tower speakers along with the home theater system in a single combo package, or buy them separately. Connect them to the main home theater unit. Tower speakers are very versatile this way, and they will still provide you a high-quality sound.

You can achieve full range sounds in all of your home audio because of the omnidirectional sound waves that it creates. A high-quality tower speaker can produce a wide range of frequencies that make the music sound clearer and add to a more dynamic performance. It provides a deep sonic experience that lends a touch of perfection to the music and movies you enjoy in your home theater.

They Can Handle High Volume

Tower speakers can provide good quality sounds in very high volume because of its ability to effectively convert the electrical wattage into decibels. Tower speakers are also highly sensitive, and they can produce high volumes with lesser power.

The more sensitive the speaker, the less power it needs from the amplifier to play at higher volumes. Tower speakers can do so without distorting the sound. If you like to play your music in high volumes without compromising on the sound quality, then tower speakers are just the thing for you.

They Provide a Full Range Sound Spectrum

Tower speakers allow for a full-range sound spectrum and are sought after by audiophiles at large. Due to its low-frequency extension, it is more preferred over desktop and satellite speakers.

This sleek Yamaha NS-F210BL 2-Way Bass-Reflex Floorstanding Speaker is designed to reproduce the full dynamic sound of HD sources. It has built-in woofers that use light aluminum cones for a faster response. Its slim design matches the flat panel television that is commonly found today. However, this only comes in one piece.

If you are looking to buy a pair of tower speakers, the Sony SS-CS3 3-Way 4-Driver Floor-Standing Speaker (review here) is a great choice. It enables you to create an amazing audio experience right from the comfort of your home. It is a three-way speaker that produces rich acoustics and has a sound reproduction up to 50 kHz with high-resolution audio.

They Have a Very Contemporary Look

As the technology is evolving, new sleeker versions of these speakers are gradually replacing the older and bulkier ones. A few years ago, tower speakers would take up a lot of space because they resemble the amplifiers used in a large concert.

In a home setting, it was difficult to accommodate such large speakers. But now, the speakers are made more slender and tall. They don’t only help with the acoustics, but also with the aesthetics of your home.

Besides our list for the top tower speakers, check out this list of the top five tower speakers in video form below:

YouTube video

They Can Be Easily Customized

Tower speakers allow the user to tweak the settings to get a desirable richness and depth to the sound. Compared to other speakers, tower speakers produce a wider range of sound. A lot of variation in terms of the sound can also be achieved in this process. You can customize these by choosing your enclosure type or drivers.

Many are known to build their tower speakers at home. In this video, you will see how Paul builds his own set of custom tower speakers using in-wall coaxial speakers:

YouTube video

Interesting stuff indeed.

Do You Need Tower Speakers for Home Theater?

Tower speakers are designed to produce surround sound effects that feel almost real. These speakers have dedicated drivers to reproduce a range of low to high frequencies, which makes the beats come to life. It is also a preferred choice of audiophiles and avid music listeners because of the sound quality these speakers generate.

Choosing the tower speakers that suit your needs ultimately boils down to what specific functions and quality of sound you find most attuned to your preferences, the size of your room, and the budget. In the end, only you can decide what sounds good to you.

Also, be wary that sometimes a speaker sounds great in the store but not so much at home. This is because audio showrooms often have acoustically treated rooms to amplify the sounds, which might not be the case at home.

You could also consider adding acoustic panels to your home, but that would be a very costly project, so go for it if you are going to use the home theater system often, and the quality of music is of prime importance to you.


There are many tower speakers in the market today that can be connected to the home theater system to enhance the sound further. For an ideal surround sound setup, tower speakers are just as essential as the front speakers. You can add the tower speakers at a later stage.

Anchoring your home theater with tower speakers will recreate the movie theater experience. They will provide the sound quality and add depth to scenes that are highly sought after by gamers, audiophiles, and cinema-goers.

For another great primer on tower speakers, aka floor standing speakers, and other speakers in general, check out this ultimate guide on home theater speakers.