Subwoofers are quality speakers providing low frequencies for your sound experience. You might wonder, can I put things in front of a subwoofer? After all, they don’t need to be out in front, and sometimes your entertainment room gets a bit messy, or maybe you have limited space to store objects altogether.

It isn’t recommended to put items in front of a subwoofer, but small things for short periods won’t hurt it. Just make sure that the items aren’t fragile or breakable, as the sounds coming from the device could shatter items made from glass and other delicate materials.

If you’re interested in learning more about if you can put things in front of a subwoofer, you’ve come to the right place. Read on to learn more about whether you can sit on a subwoofer, put things under a subwoofer, and everything else you should know about the topic.

Proper knowledge will keep you from damaging your subwoofer and other belongings.

Can You Damage a Subwoofer By Putting Things On It

It isn’t ideal to crowd a subwoofer with items on top of, in front of, or underneath it.

If you do so, there is a possibility you could damage the subwoofer and the products placed around the device once the low reverberations drift from the machine. It’s also possible to blow your subwoofer internally, such as:

  • The signal
  • Cords
  • Internal structure

Don’t encourage it with items placed on and around the subwoofer.

What Is the Best Position For a Subwoofer?

The purpose of keeping items off of and away from the subwoofer is to provide the best possible sound. It’s critical to put the subwoofer in the best spot. But in what way should you position it?

The best position for a subwoofer is:

  • In the corner of a room
  • Against the wall
  • On a low shelf

These will provide an excellent spot for sound while moving cords out of the way. It’s up to you to experiment with your subwoofer to determine the best location for the device. The harder you try, the easier it will be to have incredible noise.

Things to Avoid Putting On a Subwoofer

It’s also a bad idea to put other heavy items on a subwoofer, especially if they are shaped so that the pressure is distributed in one place.

Subwoofers are sturdy, but it’s best to avoid sitting on them if possible. Here are a few items you should not do or place on top of a subwoofer:

  • Your rear end! Don’t sit on that subwoofer
  • Audio receiver
  • Heavy water bottles and cups
  • Hot plates and other food items
  • Weights
  • Books
  • Shoes

These could have disastrous effects on your technology. They are expensive, and you don’t want to have to replace them. If you can, place whatever is in your hand on something other than your subwoofer.

You should also actively choose to sit on anything other than your subwoofer. The device is meant to deliver noise, not serve as a place for you to rest in your living room. If you want the tool to last, go somewhere else.

Can You Put Something Under a Subwoofer?

You’ve asked yourself – can I put something in front of my subwoofer? Now, what about under your subwoofer? If there is room underneath the tool, are you allowed to put things underneath it for safekeeping? Should you put it flat on the ground or leave space underneath?

For ideal sound, you should put your subwoofer on a raised platform, leaving empty space underneath for the sound to reverberate. This action also means keeping the area underneath free from other items for the best possible subwoofer noise.

What about the position? If you keep items and your body away from and off of your subwoofer, what is the ideal place for sound? If you haven’t already, determine which position sounds the best, as previously mentioned. The best sound will come from a subwoofer with ample space to “breathe.”

Final Thoughts On Whether To Put Things In Front Of A Subwoofer Or Not

Can I put something in front of my subwoofer? You can, but it’s risky if the object is fragile. Most people carry cups and other delicate items in entertainment rooms. Setting this item down in front of a subwoofer has the potential for disaster, as the low frequency might shatter it.

We hope this information was helpful! When you own items, keep them in the best possible condition for maximum value. Although it’s possible to put things down in front of a subwoofer, it isn’t always the best plan. If you want your items to last, provide your subwoofer with plenty of space to do its thing without items blocking it.