If you have a TV set up at home, it’s likely that it already came with built-in speakers. However, these speakers are often very low-quality because most TV manufacturers prioritize visuals over audio. So, you would need a soundbar for your TV—but do you need an amplifier to go with it?

You don’t need an amplifier for your soundbar—they’re a complete package that you can plug right into your TV and get the benefits of whole speaker setup in one slim package. However, if you want greater surround-sound, you should just opt for a whole standup speaker set anyway.

In this article, we’ll go over some of the essential pieces of information that you’ll need to keep in mind when you’re buying a soundbar. I’ll also show you why you don’t need to buy an amplifier when you invest in a new soundbar. Read on for our thoughts.

Why Might I Need an Amplifier?

There are a couple of main uses of a soundbar that you should keep in mind, especially if you’re new to the soundbar market and aren’t totally sure what you’re looking to get out of one. A soundbar helps to project sound into your room from close to your TV without taking up a lot of space.

Most people buy soundbars because they want to enhance the sound coming off of their TV. Since most TVs have sound built-in, soundbars aren’t necessary for your TV watching experience. However, a lot of people don’t feel that their TV offers enough sound, so they opt for soundbars to fill the gaps.

When You’re Watching TV

The first main reason to attach a soundbar to your TV is to be able to get better audio from your TV for watching shows and movies. When you’re trying to watch the newest Netflix special and the audio on your TV keeps giving out, it can be immensely aggravating. No one wants to have interruptions during their movie night with friends.

Soundbars, luckily, include all the equipment you need in order to have great audio playback. Watching shows and movies becomes way easier—you can even turn the subtitles off now that your audio is crisp and clean. Because they’re already equipped with a full setup, soundbars definitely don’t need amplifiers when you’re just watching TV.

When You Want Music Around the House

The second main reason people invest in soundbars is to listen to music around their house. This is when people get confused and think that they might need an amplifier. However, even though you might be tempted to want to add an amp to your soundbar, it’s pointless.

As mentioned above, soundbars have everything they need already wrapped up into one great package. They can simply be plugged into the TV or your computer, and you can stream your favorite music right from there.

Should I Buy an Amplifier for My Sound Bar?

There is absolutely no need to buy an amplifier for your soundbar. In fact, this is why soundbars were invented! Soundbars are the perfect option for people who want to get high-quality sound out of their TV or computer but don’t want to have to splurge on a big speaker stack.

If you’re using your soundbar on your TV, rest assured that, if you buy a high-quality product, that you’re not going to need an amplifier. Your soundbar is designed to be able to withstand high volumes (within the reasonable range) and can definitely handle your family’s listening and watching needs.

If you’re using your soundbar to play, you still don’t have to worry about adding an amplifier to the mix. What’s important to know is that soundbar technology isn’t what it used to be.

When you buy a good soundbar (like the ones featured below), you can trust that years of audiophile love have been put into the design, so you can have a jam session in your house without fear of breaking the soundbar.

Best Options for Sound Bars

Along with giving you the advice on why you don’t need to add an amplifier to your soundbar, I’ll also give you a couple of different suggestions for soundbars with high-quality output.

If you’re considering adding an amplifier to your soundbar, it’s likely because you want more volume output out of the new soundbar you’re buying. Check out some of the picks below based on three different categories, ranging from the beginner’s choice to one of the best.

Most Affordable: TaoTronics Equalizer Soundbar

The best option on the market right now for an affordable yet high-quality soundbar is the TaoTronics Equalizer Soundbar. This one is a great price for the quality you get, and with over 3000 reviews, it’s hard to go wrong with this option. It’s great for people who live in smaller apartments or dorm buildings.

What’s great about this soundbar model is that it has everything you need to get started right away. All you have to do is plug it into your computer or your TV. It’s also remote-controlled and has Bluetooth accessibility, so when you want to turn the volume up and down, you can do so from across the room.

Midrange: Samsung HW-T450 Soundbar with Dolby Audio

The best midrange option on the market—meaning one that’s both high quality and won’t break the bank—is the Samsung HW-T450 Soundbar with Dolby Audio. This soundbar has the same awesome Bluetooth capability as the TaoTronics one but also boasts the ability to connect directly to your Xbox or PlayStation to up your gaming experience.

Another feature that sets the Samsung HW-T450 apart from others in its category is that it comes with a wireless subwoofer. This subwoofer is an awesome addition to the setup because it allows for playback of bass-heavy soundtracks and audio, and deepens the sound quality without making you buy an entire extra unit.

Top of the Line: Samsung HW-Q70T Soundbar with Dolby Atmos

If you have the money to spend on it, the best soundbar on the market right now for all price ranges is the Samsung HW-Q70T Soundbar with Dolby Atmos.

You can think of this soundbar setup as the HW-T450’s older sister. It’s got a lot of the same specs—Bluetooth accessibility, additional external subwoofer—but also has an exceptional power audio system that is nearly unparalleled in its market.

What’s so cool about the HW-Q70T is that it comes equipped with Dolby Atmos, a unique system that touts “moving sound” so you can experience movies and games as they are happening, almost as though you are in action. Samsung has also equipped this soundbar with its panoramic Acoustic Beam technology to simulate total surround sound in just a tiny soundbar setup.


With all the technologically advanced sound bars available on the market right now, there’s no need to buy a separate amplifier for your soundbar. These days, soundbars are totally equipped with everything you need—some even include a subwoofer that accompanies it.

What’s important to know is that soundbars are meant to be a complete speaker setup by themselves. While some speaker setups like full audio cabinets need an amplifier to be complete, soundbars can simply be plugged in and ready to go in moments.

There are plenty of options on the market for all budgets, from the thriftiest people to those who can splurge a little more, with no need to add on an additional amp. No matter what your price range is, take heed of our tips and enjoy shopping!