HDMI ARC brings in new technology for a better connection between your television and other devices. But what about LG HDMI ARC not working? What should you be looking at?

There are many reasons why LG HDMI ARC may not be working. You could be using the wrong port, incorrect settings in your TV or soundbar, an old HDMI cable, or something could be wrong with the ports or the device itself.

Most of these causes for your HDMI ARC not working aren’t considered dire. You can most likely fix them on your own. Continue reading to figure out the cause of your HDMI ARC in LG devices not working so you can get back to a better picture and data transfer between each device.

Why Is LG HDMI ARC Not Working?

There are a few things that could be causing your LG HDMI ARC device to stop working. It may be simpler than you think, so don’t immediately throw it away or return it before figuring out the causes and how to fix it. Here are a few of the possible causes:

  • The input/output ports assignment.
  • Different high-definition settings.
  • The device’s firmware is glitching.
  • The wire or port is damaged.

Work through each one to figure out what could be the reason for your cord not working, starting with the least invasive option.

The Input/Output Ports Assignment

The cause for the HDMI cord not working is that the ports’ output and input assignments are incorrect. If you are sending the image from one device to the wrong port in your television and vice versa, then it will appear that the cord isn’t working even though it is.

After you verify the direction of the connections is correct, ensure the ports being used are labeled HDMI ARC.

Different High Definition Or Ultra HD Setting

Sometimes what happens that makes it seem like the HDMI cable is at fault is that the two devices you have hooked up together have two separate high definition settings. One may only go up to 720p, another one can go up to 1080p, or higher at 4K.

Not all HDMI cables are equal. Depending on the type, there are different speeds and bandwidths.

If there is any incompatibility, then no picture will show up. Sometimes this automatically adjusts so both devices have the same definition, but it doesn’t always happen this way.

The Device’s Firmware Is Glitching

Now and then, your device’s firmware or operating system may glitch. This means that it isn’t the HDMI cord’s problem but your device’s. Sometimes you have to deal with basic errors or lockups.

If this is the case, you don’t need to replace the cord and can work on the device itself that is glitching.

To troubleshoot, simply power cycle your device and take it from there. You would be surprised at how often turning your device off and back on again fixes problems.

Wire Or Port Is Damaged

The worst-case scenario for the HDMI ARC not working is that either it is damaged or the port is damaged. There could be a tear in the surface that exposes the innards, or the port may have been bent. Any of these can cause damage that would prevent data from being transferred.

Fixing broken ports is usually cost-prohibitive unless you have a service plan. Even still, the remedy might be simple enough to replace the device.

How To Fix These Issues

As we quickly mentioned above, many previous problems can be fixed. You don’t have to go out and buy any tools or call anyone.

Just follow these steps to figure out what you need to do, and you could be watching your favorite movies and shows in no time!

Fixing Port Assignment

Fixing your port assignment ensures that the proper input and output are assigned. You need to go into the setting of your TV and change those assignments so that it matches with your HDMI cord. Then you will be good to go.

While you ensure the connections are correct, be sure you have the ARC cable plugged into the labeled ARC port. There are usually only one or two ports that allow for this connection, depending on your device and model.

Changing The Television’s Settings

If either of your devices, like the television and Bluray player, don’t automatically adjust the picture definition to be compatible, you will need to go into your television and adjust it manually. It should be under the display setting, and you will want to lower the definition.

You can change the settings where your TV will automatically change the definition to be compatible with the device hooked through that HDMI cord. This will make things easier for you if this problem ever arises again.

Update Your Device

If you think either your TV or the device you are hooked up to is glitching, then you may want to check for an update. Sometimes defects in the code occur within the program or firmware, and an update is sent out to correct or enhance features.

If there doesn’t seem to have an update, ensure that you report the bug to LG and get support for a workaround. Once enough people report the bug, they will push out an update, and then you can update your devices to see if everything works.

Either way, this isn’t the fault of the HDMI cable.

Buy A New HDMI Cable

Replace old HDMI Cables - LG HDMI ARC Not Working

If, for any reason, the connectors or the wire itself is damaged or if the cable is just too old, you will just need to buy a new HDMI cord. New cords are backward compatible, so you don’t have to worry about planning this purchase too much.

However, if you are concerned, you can usually return the cord within 30 days of the purchase if it doesn’t help or does not work with your setup. Some return policies are much longer. It could be as long as 90 days. Just check with the company you bought it from for updated information.

Do Devices With LG HDMI ARC Have A Warranty?

This depends on where you purchase the LG TV or soundbar itself. If you purchase it brand new from a store, then they usually provide you with at least a one-year warranty. This could change with third-party stores.

It is good to contact the store first when the product isn’t working. If they do not accept the return or can’t remedy the situation, you can contact LG directly to see if they will replace the device.

There may even be a recall on that specific product too. You just never know. You can find more information about LG warranties on their site.


There are many simple reasons why your LG HDMI ARC isn’t working. You may find that it always isn’t the HDMI cable that’s the culprit. The possible causes of HDMI ARC not working may include:

  • The input/output ports assignment.
  • Different high-definition settings.
  • The device’s firmware is glitching.
  • The wire or port is damaged.

See if these may be the issue before replacing the cord completely. It could just be the settings on the TV, or a product update may be in store for you. Try these fixes first before you use new cables.