You now have everything you need to set up your home theater entertainment center. You have the television, speakers, playable devices, and receiver, but how should you set them up? Should you run HDMI through the receiver or the TV?

Both options are up to you, but if your goal is to reduce cable clutter and make it easier to control everything, running the cables through the receivers is the most popular option. It proves to be one of the better options due to sound and control, although it isn’t the only choice.

There are many benefits to running everything through your receiver, but there are benefits to running everything on your TV. Here is everything you need to know to make the best decision when setting up your HDMI cables for your entertainment system.

Should You Run HDMI Through The Receiver Or The TV?

Which one is better? Running your HDMI cable through the receiver or the TV? Well, either works well. It really depends on your preference. The receiver will help with the wire clutter around your TV and make your entertainment center look more presentable.

If you like controlling everything through your receiver, running the HDMI through it is a great idea. It can be easier for those that don’t want to change the input on the TV every time they want to watch something on a different device. Here are the benefits of going through each to determine which is for you.

Benefits Of Going Through Your Receiver

Running everything through your receiver is an excellent option if you want your TV to be more presentable for yourself or when guests are over. It doesn’t really change any quality of sound or picture unless your speakers are bypassed. Here are a few other reasons to choose this route:

  • The receiver provides a power amplifier.
  • Can control all audio and video output.
  • More compatible with lower resolution devices.
  • It makes the area more organized.

There may be some limitations of higher resolution. Not all receivers can process 4K resolution, and although newer theaters can complete 3D resolution, it can be a little complicated.

Benefits Of Going Through Your TV

Sometimes, it is easier for you if you are already used to running everything on your TV. There is nothing wrong with connecting everything to your TV. In fact, there are some benefits to doing this, which include the following:

  • You only need to connect one audio output.
  • Perfect with little devices.
  • You don’t have to invest in a receiver.
  • Great with sound bars and smaller speaker systems.
  • Don’t have to worry about your higher resolutions not being compatible.

With televisions, technology is improving. Now you can stream most of your favorite channels straight from your TV instead of connecting many devices. You may only need to connect a few things, so this could be your best option if you don’t want to run everything through a receiver.

What To Look For In A Receiver?

If you are one that loves having a receiver, there are a few things you do need to look out for when choosing one. You don’t want to go out there and just pick the most expensive one or the newest one. Here are something you should look out for in a receiver that makes it good quality:

  • Ensure the receiver matches the size of the room.
  • Does it have enough channels for your devices?
  • The power output needs to match your needs.
  • Multiple HDMI inputs.
  • 4K compatibility.
  • 3D compatibility.
  • Is DTS:X or Dolby Atmos.

You want the best receiver for your home, not the best one out there. Some receivers are not built for your room, so you don’t want to simply buy whatever.

DTS:X receivers have the best programming, and if you have to decide between one compared to another, choose this type. You want the best programming and sound quality for your home.

Always check compatibility and the amount of HDMI inputs. You don’t want to bring home a receiver just to find out you can only hook up two inputs when you need four. Pay attention to the finer details so the installation process is easy and you can start watching everything.

Run HDMI Through The Receiver Or The TV Outro

What you choose to run your HDMI cables through is purely up to you and what you decide, especially if you are conscious of the number of available HDMI ports.

You can always choose to try each out and see which one is to your liking. You don’t always have to stick with whatever is your first choice.