You’re watching your television, one of your favorite movies, and suddenly, the picture cuts out. You think it’s a fluke, but then it continues to happen! This issue can happen to anyone, but there are a few possible reasons why your HDMI ARC keeps cutting out like that.

There are many reasons why your ARC keeps cutting out. It isn’t always the HDMI ARC itself but something else. It could be the device that’s playing the movie or it could be the WiFi connection.

Knowing why your HDMI ARC is cutting out is important. You don’t want to replace your TV or sound system and realize it was something else. Knowledge will save you money and help you any time it happens again.

Why HDMI ARC Keeps Cutting Out? 7 Reasons

So why does your HDMI ARC keep cutting out? There are many possibilities, but here are the common ones that you can investigate:

  1. It is a problem with the streaming or video device.
  2. Incompatible resolution between devices.
  3. You may need a software update.
  4. The HDMI ARC is loose.
  5. You have a damaged HDMI cord.
  6. It could be a damaged HDMI port.
  7. It is your WiFi connection.

Many of these issues aren’t even the HDMI ARC. Knowing the why will help you figure out how you will fix it.

It Is The Streaming/Video Device

Sometimes, it seems your HDMI ARC keeps cutting in and out because of either the streaming platform or the device itself. Servers go down occasionally, whether because of an update, a bug, or an overload of so many people on it at once.

If it seems that this cutting in and out only happens during the weekend or when people will be on the streaming platform, it is probably that. You can quickly check other devices and platforms to see if it works. If another platform does, then this is perhaps the fault.

Incompatible Resolution Between Devices

Incompatibility can disrupt your device and your television. The information cannot be adequately processed, and so it causes this distortion on the screen of your TV. This means your device may be at a lower resolution than your TV and vice versa.

There are ways to adjust the setting. You will need to figure out which device is at a higher resolution setting and then change those settings to lower and equivalent to the connected technology.

Need A Software Update

Whether it is the device, the HDMI ARC, or your Television, one of those may need a software update. Updates happen regularly because bugs can cause situations like the picture cutting out.

You will need to see if there are any updates. Your devices should usually update themselves, but you can check for an update at any point and time. If the cutting out happened recently, an update might not be ready yet. It should be ready in a day or so when the servers aren’t as busy.


One of the first things you should always look for is if the HDMI ARC is loose. If the connection is not fitted into the port correctly, it can cause the cutting in and out on the screen. Because the connection is loose, anything can cause it to disconnect.

You want to check all connections on the TV and through the device. Just pull the cord out and put it back in to see if this fixes any of the issues you are experiencing. It happens to the best of us, and sometimes cords get dislodged for many reasons.

Damaged HDMI Cord

No one wants a damaged HDMI ARC cord, but it does happen. You can run your fingers down the cord to feel for any damage and see if there is any visual damage. If you plug in another HDMI cable, it may be the one you took out.

Check with your manufacturer to see if there is a warranty. Some warranties last a year after buying the product. If the HDMI cable is new, they will replace it. The best thing you can do is contact the seller and inform them that the cable is broken. Faulty products do happen.

Damaged HDMI Port

If any HDMI cable you use is not working, it may not be any cables, including your HDMI ARC. Check the HDMI ports on both your device and your TV. Ensure that there is no damage to them.

You may need to inspect it closely. If any part of it is bent or missing pieces, or maybe even if something is lodged inside, the port may be damaged. You may need to buy a new device, or you may need to use a different HDMI port on your TV.

WiFi Connection

Crazy enough, your HDMI ARC cutting out or your screen going black randomly could just be your WiFi connection. When your WiFi connection is unstable, it can cause this to happen, especially if you are streaming shows and movies.

You can easily check to see if it is your WiFi by turning your internet router off and then back on. A simple reset usually does the trick. Also, check to see if your internet or router needs an update. This can improve your connection tremendously.

Another issue could be that you have too many devices on the WiFi. If you have an unstable internet connection, having a lot of devices attached to it can cause this cutting in and out. Try taking a few devices off, especially if a device is particularly chatty.


These are the seven reasons why your HDMI ARC may be cutting out. Always try a few routes before deciding to replace your HDMI cord. It may be entirely different, so it is always to go through a few options, trial by error. This is the best way to figure out why.

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